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Soak in Red Hill Hot Springs – Camping – Swimming | Monroe Utah

I discovered Red Hills Hot Spring, a hidden treasure in Monroe, Utah, during a late fall road trip. In contrast to the bustling Mystic Hot Spring nearby, Red Hill hot spring, located in UT, offers a serene escape, free of charge. Its striking red hills are visible throughout the day, guiding visitors to this secluded spot.

This hot spring right in UT became a favorite stop, not just once but multiple times. The convenience of nearby BLM camping, linked with the hot spring, added to its appeal.

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Nestled in southern Utah, Red Hills is a prime example of the state’s natural wonders, providing a serene soaking experience away from the crowds.

Red Hill Hot Springs – Monroe, Utah

Set against the face of a red rock, the springs are a popular feature in UT, glowing at dawn and dusk, enhancing the soak. Thanks to the landowners’ generosity, this private land is now a public place, with the hot springs open year-round for anyone seeking solace in its mineral-rich waters in UT.

Photo by: alohafaith
Photo by: missy.marie22

For those traversing Utah’s landscapes, Red Hills isn’t just a hot spring at the bottom of the hill; it’s an experience to cherish.

How Do I Get to Red Hill Hot Springs?

Finding the Red Hills Hot Spring, located in Monroe, UT, also known as Monroe hot springs, is straightforward. The hot springs, located in Monroe, UT, at the address Monroe, Utah 84754, are accessible via Country Road 1182, right at the top of the hill. This road leads directly to the springs, making it a clear path to your destination.

From the heart of Monroe, take 300 North towards the red hills. The paved road soon turns to dirt, but don’t worry, it’s manageable in any car. No need for high clearance or all-wheel drive here.

However, drive slowly to avoid kicking up dust and rocks. In winter, assess the road conditions carefully; if it’s snowed in, the springs might be too far to hike.

Photo by: sereneloveocean

Once you’re close, the red hills and rising steam are your unmistakable cues. You’ll see signs and a pit toilet in the parking lot, courtesy of the city of Monroe. The lot is adjacent to the springs, with a notable travertine dome behind it.

For those coming from major cities or using public transportation, your journey will likely end in Monroe. From there, a car is needed to navigate to 300 North and onwards. The final stretch is a short hike from the parking lot to the natural mineral waters.

Keep right on the dirt roads; they’re a bit bumpy but nothing too challenging. Remember, the spring and its amenities, including waste services, are maintained for public use. Enjoy the journey and the destination.

Red Hills Hot Springs Map

What to Bring When Visiting Red Hill Hot Spring Pools

Before you visit Red Hills Hot Springs, pack wisely to enhance your experience. First and foremost, Utah law requires proper swimsuits at all hot springs. Opt for a dark-colored suit to avoid stains from the red minerals.

Always carry a towel. I prefer a microfiber one; it’s compact, quick-drying, and reusable without frequent washes. Hydration is key, so bring at least one liter of water per person. The hot water can dehydrate you, and sipping water helps cool you from the inside.

Footwear is optional, given the short walk from the parking lot. However, occasional broken glass means shoes, like Crocs, are a smart choice for safety and convenience.

Practice responsible visitation. Bring a trash bag, leave no trace, and maybe even pick up extra litter. Respect this shared treasure.

Lastly, stock up on water and snacks in nearby Monroe, especially for longer visits. A little preparation ensures a safe, enjoyable, and respectful visit to Red Hills Hot Springs.

Red Hill Natural Hot Spring Soaking Pool Details

Red Hills Hot Spring boasts three main soaking pools, each with its unique temperature. The top pool, closest to the geothermal source, is the hottest, often too warm for an immediate, lengthy soak, especially in cooler months like November. As you descend, the pools progressively cool, with the lowest being the most temperate.

Photo by: mzap81

During my last visit, a fourth pool was under construction. Its future as a viable hot spot depends on the spring’s source and engineering ingenuity. A “secret” pool, known as The Lobster Pot, sits at the peak. It’s often boiling, but on cooler days, it might offer a secluded soak with stunning views.

The pools, although small, accommodate multiple people without feeling overcrowded. The water cascades from the source in a waterfall effect, cooling as it descends. This natural temperature gradation allows you to find your perfect spot. If one pool feels too warm, simply move to a lower one.

Remember, the water’s clarity is affected by minerals and sediment, making it appear murky, but it’s clean and beneficial for your skin. The pools can fit a few individuals each, so arrive early or visit on a weekday to avoid potential crowds. With four distinct pools, Red Hills Hot Spring provides a varied, enjoyable soaking experience for all.

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Monroe Hot Spring Amenities

At Red Hill Hot Spring, expect a rustic, natural experience. It’s primitive and on private land, managed by the city of Monroe. Don’t look for luxury; instead, embrace the simplicity of nature.

Before you arrive, stop in Monroe for essentials like water and snacks, especially for extended stays. On-site, you’ll find basic amenities: a single-person pit outhouse and a fire pit for public use. Remember, this is a no-frills spot; it’s just you, the springs, and the wilderness.

Clothing is non-negotiable. Wear a swimsuit, preferably something you don’t mind staining from the red rock runoff.

While soaking is the main draw, the surrounding area offers more. Bring your ATV for the trails or hike to admire the red rock scenery. Afterwards, the hot springs are perfect for relaxing those muscles.

The city oversees the spring, ensuring it’s respected and maintained. They’ve installed a pit toilet near the pools and provide trash and recycling services. Camping in the spring itself isn’t allowed, and it closes at dusk. But don’t worry, there’s nearby camping I’ll detail later.

Monroe, the closest town, offers restaurants and gas stations for any additional needs. While in the spring, you’ll also find unexplored land, ideal for walking or off-roading, all set against beautiful vistas and intriguing topography. It’s a humble but rewarding experience at Red Hill Hot Spring.

Red Hill Hot Spring Camping Guide

Camping directly at Red Hills Hot Spring is not an option; it’s a city-run park, and camping is prohibited. But don’t let this deter you. Adjacent BLM land offers a perfectly legal alternative for camping.

Just before reaching the hot spring’s parking lot, look for a no camping sign to your right. Opposite this, a road to the left leads to your camping haven on BLM land. It’s free and legal. The road is less maintained than city roads, so expect it to get rocky. That’s your sign you’ve reached the right spot for camping.

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I’ve camped there alongside others, finding plenty of space to maintain privacy and enjoy the natural surroundings. Directly across from the hot spring’s parking lot, a large open area is accessible via the road just before the lot. This is where you can set up camp.

Monroe red hill hot springs map
Photo by: makwaden

For those seeking more structured accommodations, nearby options abound. Bowery Haven Resort & RV Park offers RV sites, motel, and cabin rentals, complete with fishing opportunities at Fish Lake. It also features a bait shop and restaurant, so you can travel light.

Red Canyon Campground & RV Park, near Bryce Canyon National Park, provides full hookup sites with electric service and Wi-Fi. It’s an ideal base for exploring one of Utah’s most stunning attractions.

Ponderosa Palisades Campground & Cabins, located in Panguitch Lake State Park, offers tent camping and cabins. This scenic spot is perfect for those looking to enjoy trails and boating.

While Red Hills Hot Spring itself doesn’t accommodate campers, the surrounding area offers a range of camping experiences to suit any preference, from rustic BLM land to comfortable campgrounds and resorts.

Visitor Tips and Etiquette

Visiting Red Hills Hot Spring requires courtesy and respect. Here’s what I keep in mind:

  • Dress Appropriately: Utah law mandates swimsuits at hot springs. No nudity allowed. Wear a bathing suit and enjoy responsibly.
  • Limit Your Soak: If the springs are busy, I limit my soak to 30 minutes. This allows everyone a chance to enjoy the warm, mineral-rich waters.
  • Respect the Quiet: I avoid loud music or disruptive behavior. Many come here for peace and tranquility. Let’s keep it serene for everyone.
  • Use the Facilities: Never use the springs as a bathroom. It’s unsanitary and disrespectful. A pit toilet is available near the parking area for your convenience.
  • Clean Up: The area sees a lot of visitors. I always pack out what I bring in and sometimes pick up extra trash. Let’s keep it pristine for future visitors.
  • Morning Visits: The pools are small and can get crowded. I find visiting in the morning or during weekdays offers a more private experience.
  • Dog Etiquette: Dogs are welcome but keep them leashed and clean up after them. We all share this natural space.
  • Following these simple guidelines ensures a respectful, enjoyable visit for all at Red Hills Hot Spring. Let’s preserve its natural beauty and serene atmosphere.

Scenic Hiking Trails Near Red Hills Hot Springs in the Town of Monroe

Although there is no hiking when you visit Red Hills Hot Springs, however, there are other scenic hiking trails you can consider if you are an adrenaline junky.

Utah’s landscape around Red Hills Hot Springs offers spectacular trails for all hikers. Whether seeking an easy stroll or a challenging trek, you’ll find the perfect path.

Loafer Mountain Trailhead

Just outside Monroe, this 5-mile loop rewards hikers with views of Mt Nebo and Mt Loafer. The trail culminates in a scenic overlook, offering panoramic vistas. It’s a moderate hike, great for those who love to pause and absorb nature’s grandeur.

Tibble Fork Reservoir Trailhead

Ideal for beginners or families, this trail features 4 miles of relatively flat terrain. It’s a peaceful hike, perfect for a leisurely day outdoors.

Mystic Hot Springs

For a brief stay in Monroe, enjoy its relaxed vibe. Don’t miss Mystic Hot Springs, a unique soaking experience with natural rock formations and bathtubs nestled into the rocks. The entry fee is $25 for a 2-hour soak.

Explore local culture at Monroe’s Art Museum, showcasing works by area artists. It’s a great way to understand the community and its connection to the stunning surroundings.


How do I get to Red Hill Hot Springs?

From Monroe, head north on E 300 N towards country road 1185. Look for the hot springs sign on your right.

Where is Red Hill Hot Springs in Utah?

It’s just outside Monroe, Utah.

Is the water in Red Hill Hot Springs red?

No, the water is clear. The rocks, stained red by minerals, can stir up and color the water. This might stain fabrics, so choose what you wear carefully.

Are the hills really red?

Yes, thermophiles and red rock give the hill vibrant red and orange hues. These can stain, so consider this when picking swimsuit and towel colors.

Can I have pets at Red Hill Hot Spring?

Pets are allowed, but keep them leashed. Not everyone is comfortable around free-roaming dogs. Ensure your pet doesn’t disrupt others’ experiences.

Is Red Hill Hot Springs good in winter?

Yes, it’s great in winter. Four pools vary in temperature up the hill. However, snow might block access roads, so check conditions beforehand.

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