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Best Natural Hot Springs in Montana – Resorts & Maps

In the vast expanse of Montana, where rugged terrains and lengthy winters define the landscape, the hot springs in Montana stand out as serene havens. The Montana hot springs offer residents and visitors alike a unique way to immerse themselves in Big Sky country’s natural beauty.

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For many, the experience goes beyond just a casual dip. The thought of soaking in water sourced deep from the earth’s crust, under the canopy of stars, has a magic of its own. Add to it the scientifically-backed healing properties of these mineral waters, and you’ve got yourself a holistic retreat.

Best Hot Springs in Montana

Western Montana, home to cities like Missoula, Helena, and Bozeman, boasts several commercial hot spring facilities. Among them, Quinn’s Hot Springs shines, marrying the therapeutic allure of its mineral-rich pools with top-notch dining and cozy lodge accommodations.

Similarly, places like Elkhorn, Norris, and Chico Hot Springs not only present the luxury of soaking in warm mineral waters but also serve as gateways to Montana’s diverse recreational activities. Be it skiing on pristine slopes, hiking across the verdant trails, or exploring the majesty of Yellowstone National Park, these hot springs position you at the heart of Montana’s best.

I’ve traversed these lands often planning my routes around these geothermal gems. Each trip to Montana hot springs becomes a tale of outdoor adventures capped off with a rejuvenating soak. For those who’ve yet to discover this facet of Montana, it’s a lesser-known secret waiting to be experienced. 

Let’s explore the best hot springs Montana has to offer – from untouched natural springs pools to luxurious resort-style retreats.

Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa

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Nestled in the heart of Paradise Valley, Chico Hot Springs Resort has been a cornerstone of Montana’s tourism since 1900. The resort is set against the picturesque backdrop of mountains and offers guests an escape into an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Chico hot springs Montana
Photo by: tracysmithwx

Embodying Montana’s rich history and commitment to hospitality, the resort, besides its famed hot springs, boasts boutique hotels, luxury cabins, rustic lodgings, spa retreats, and an unforgettable dining experience.

Operating Time: Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa is open year-round. For detailed operating hours, especially for specific amenities, it’s recommended to reach out to their 24-hour Guest Services.

Admission Fee: Soaking in the hot springs is complimentary for lodging guests. For day visitors and specific package details, you can reach out to the resort directly via Email.

Unique Features of the Chico Hot Spring

The real charm of Chico lies in its natural hot springs. Whether it’s the canvas of stars overhead during a clear spring night, the laughter of children playing in the summer, the comforting embrace of the warm water during the crisp fall, or the mystical steam rising in the cold of winter, the hot springs promise a surreal experience, making you feel worlds away from everyday life.

Chico hot springs pool in Montana
Photo by: mikebodvig

Add to this the seamless service, dining offerings from casual poolside grills to fine dining in the main room, and the vibrant nightlife at the Chico Saloon, and you have an unparalleled Western experience.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  1. Yellowstone National Park: A mere 35-mile drive south, Chico’s proximity to the park is ideal for day trips.
  2. Livingston: A 30-minute drive away, this quaint town offers shopping, museums, art galleries, eateries, and a cinema.
  3. Ranch 635: Adjacent to Chico, it’s perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.
  4. On-Resort Activities: From dogsled treks, river rafting, kayaking, and mountain biking, to trail rides with Rockin’ HK Outfitters, Chico ensures guests have an array of activities to choose from.

Nearby Accommodations

  1. 3 Lazy H Yellowstone Lodging: A vacation home near Yellowstone’s north entrance.
  2. 320 Guest Ranch: A 125-year-old homestead reshaped into a guest ranch in Gallatin Gateway.
  3. A Gracious Urban Abode: A downtown Bozeman apartment with south-facing windows.
  4. 2nd Street Bistro: Situated in Livingston’s Historic Murray Hotel.
  5. 406 Brewing Company: Located in Bozeman, it offers a variety of ales and lagers.

How to Get There?

Chico Hot Springs Resort is located between Livingston and Gardiner, specifically 23 miles south of Livingston and 30 miles north of Gardiner, on US Highway 89 South.

For those flying in:

  • Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is a 1-hour drive via Interstate 90 heading east.
  • Billings Logan International Airport is roughly a 2 ½-hour journey via Interstate 90, heading west.

Due to the remote nature of the resort, renting a vehicle is advisable for enhanced mobility and convenience during your stay. However, shuttle services are available at nearby airports.

Quinn’s Hot Spring Resort in Paradise MT

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Tucked away amidst the grandeur of the majestic canyons and the tranquil flow of the Clark Fork River, Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort in Paradise, Montana, is a sanctum of relaxation and rejuvenation. Established off Quinn’s Canyon Road (Hwy 135), the resort is a treasure trove of experiences that go beyond its renowned hot springs.

Quinn's Hot Springs Resort
Photo by: quinnshotsprings

With an array of lodging choices, the renowned Harwood House Restaurant, a lively tavern, comprehensive massage services, and a quaint gift and coffee shop, Quinn’s ensures an unparalleled stay.

Operating Time: Open year-round, the resort welcomes guests from 7 a.m. to midnight daily.

Admission Fee: Day-use swimming requires reservations made in advance. For detailed fee structures, and to make reservations, visit their official website. Staying guests have complimentary access, with specific timings for adults and children.

Unique Features of the Quinn’s Hot Spring in Montana

Quinn’s boasts seven distinct mineral hot springs soaking pools, each offering a therapeutic embrace of mineral-rich, 100% natural waters, free from any added chemicals. Temperatures range from a balmy 106°F (41°C) to a cooler 89°F (32°C).

Quinn's Hot Springs Resort
Photo by: glaciermt
Quinn's Hot Springs Resort & Pool in Montana

If you’re up for an adrenaline rush, an invigorating ice pool awaits you, designed specifically to boost circulation and invigorate the senses. Food aficionados can indulge in delectable Western cuisine at the Harwood House Restaurant, known for its locally sourced ingredients and an award-winning wine list.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  1. Yellowstone National Park: It is about 2 hours away, making it an ideal day-trip destination.
  2. Local Activities: Explore the nearby Bison Range, indulge in rafting trips or rentals, horseback riding, or swing a golf club at the local course.
  3. Lolo National Forest: Bordering the resort, this national forest offers ample opportunities for hiking and connecting with nature.

Nearby Accommodations

For those seeking an all-encompassing experience, Quinn’s offers a variety of accommodations:

  1. Luxury River-View Cabins: Overlooking stunning vistas of the river and mountains, these cabins provide the pinnacle of relaxation.
  2. River Lodge: Opened in 2017, this lodge provides luxurious rooms with private decks, offering views of the Clark Fork River and an opportunity to spot wildlife.
  3. Other Lodgings: Quinn’s also has lodges and cabins with canyon and mountain views for those who wish to stay immersed in nature.

How to Get There?

Strategically located on Quinn’s Canyon Road (State Highway 135), Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort is easily accessible from various major points:

  • From Missoula, Montana: Approximately 78 miles southeast, a drive of about 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • From Kalispell, Montana: Situated around 97 miles south, roughly a 2 to 2.5-hour drive.
  • From Coeur d’Alene, Idaho: A lengthier drive, about 281 miles northeast, taking between 5 to 6 hours.

Norris Hot Springs – Montana Hot Springs Near Bozeman

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Set in the pristine Madison River Valley, Norris Hot Springs, commonly termed “Water of the Gods,” is a beacon of relaxation and rejuvenation. It offers an undiluted experience with clean hot mineral water gushing from the earth at a temperature of 120 degrees.

Norris Hot Springs
Photo by: distinctlymontana
Norris Hot Springs Montana
Photo by: caledonia.rice

The water fills the historic wooden pool, which is uniquely emptied every night, using the original gate valve crafted in the 1880s, and is cooled using sprayers and jets. The ambiance is natural, and the soak is perfect, irrespective of the season.

Operating Time: The springs are open year-round with hours stretching from early morning to midnight.

Admission Fee: The general swim and soak fee is $7.00. If you fancy a soak accompanied by live music, it’s $9.00. They have live acoustic performances every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7:00 p.m. Towels and swimsuits are available for rent at $1.00 each.

Unique Features of the Norris Hot Springs Pool in Montana

What sets Norris Hot Springs apart is its sustainable commitment to nature and the community. From the naturally heated geodesic dome hosting acoustic performances to the wildlife-rich wetlands surrounding the pool, the experience is as immersive as it is relaxing. The poolside offers views of Sandhill Cranes, deer, and a plethora of birds.

The very structures of the 50 Mile Grill & Snack Bar and No Loose Dogs Saloon utilize radiant heat from the hot springs, ensuring a cozy environment even on the chilliest of nights. The onsite Garden of the Gods offers farm-to-table freshness, ensuring guests get the best organic and local produce.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  1. The Madison River Valley: A haven for nature enthusiasts, it offers picturesque landscapes and a tranquil environment.
  2. Bison Range: Witness the majestic Bison in their natural habitat.
  3. Local Activities: Engage in hiking, sightseeing, and exploring the natural wonders of the region.

Nearby Accommodations

While Norris Hot Springs doesn’t offer in-house lodging, they do provide a comfortable camping experience. With 13 campsites available, 10 of which are equipped with RV and travel trailer hookups. Pets are welcome, provided they are leashed. The camp also offers WiFi connectivity for those looking to stay connected, though cell service may be limited.

How to Get There?

Norris Hot Springs is conveniently located in the Madison River Valley. Starting at Norris, head towards Highway 84 and traverse for about 1.5 miles. The springs will appear on the south of the highway.

If you’re coming from Bozeman, embark on US-191 leading straight to MT 84. Proceed for 28 miles, and the springs will greet you on the left. The total distance from Bozeman is approximately 36 miles, translating to a 45-minute car journey.

Bozeman Hot Springs

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Located in the heart of Montana, Bozeman Hot Springs is an iconic resort that has stood the test of time for over a century, becoming synonymous with relaxation and rejuvenation. Visitors are treated to a selection of nine distinct mineral pools, each with temperatures ranging from a cool 59 degrees to a warm 106 degrees.

Bozeman Hot Springs
Photo by: findingoursomeday

It’s not just about the natural hot springs water; the resort also boasts a modern fitness gym, tanning rooms, steam rooms, a juice bar, and full daycare facilities, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Operating Time: The facility remains open all year round. Hours are as follows: Monday – Thursday from 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m., Friday from 6:00 a.m. – Sundown, Saturday from Sundown – 11:00 p.m., and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Admission Fee: Weekday prices start at $17.00 for adults and vary based on age and amenities chosen. During weekends and holidays, the rate for adults is $21.00. There are also multi-month swim passes available, with prices depending on the duration and category.

Unique Features of the Montana’s Hot Spring

Bozeman Hot Springs Resort in Montana is renowned for its natural approach to wellness. The indoor pools, untouched by chlorine, are meticulously drained and cleaned nightly, guaranteeing pure, refreshing water for each visitor. This commitment to natural wellness is further highlighted by the strong flow from the natural hot springs, changing the pool’s water five times daily.

Visitors also revel in the panoramic views offered from the poolside, complete with comfortable lounge chairs to maximize relaxation. Moreover, the historical relevance, combined with modern amenities like the gym, tanning beds, and snack bars, provides a seamless blend of the old with the new.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  • Yellowstone National Park: America’s first national park is a must-visit, renowned for its geothermal wonders and diverse wildlife.
  • Big Sky Resort: A paradise for skiing enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
  • Gallatin International Airport: For those flying in, this airport offers easy access to the resort and surrounding attractions.

Nearby Accommodations

While Bozeman Hot Springs offers an unparalleled soaking experience, it’s worth noting that overnight accommodations need to be sought in the nearby areas. Bozeman itself boasts a range of hotels, lodges, and vacation rentals to cater to all budgets and preferences.

How to Get There?

Bozeman Hot Springs is strategically located, making it easily accessible. Situated 8 miles west of Bozeman on US 191, it lies en route to both Big Sky and West Yellowstone. If traveling from Bozeman, follow US-191 S for approximately 9.6 miles. Take Durston Rd which will lead you back to US-191 S/Huffine Ln. Continue on this road to reach Lower Rainbow Rd in Four Corners. A short journey on Lower Rainbow Rd will bring you straight to the destination. The total drive is picturesque, adding to the overall experience.

Special Tips

Bozeman Hot Springs exudes a family-friendly vibe, making it an ideal destination for visitors of all ages. Given its central location, it’s close enough to major attractions yet distant enough to offer a peaceful retreat. While the mineral-rich pools are free from chemicals, it’s important to note that clothing is mandatory, ensuring a comfortable experience for all visitors.

Bozeman Hot Springs epitomizes the Montana experience – a harmonious blend of history, nature, and luxury. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a visit here promises not just relaxation, but memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Elkhorn Hot Springs

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A serene escape nestled in the Pioneer Mountains, Elkhorn Hot Springs offers visitors an authentic Montanan experience. Established in 1918, this family-owned retreat boasts natural hot spring pools known for their therapeutic properties. The pools offer temperatures between 92 and 106 degrees, perfect for relaxation in any season.

Operating Time: Pool House hours vary between summer and winter. During summer, the hours are Sunday – Thursday: 8 AM – 10 PM, and Friday – Saturday: 8 AM – 11 PM. Winter hours are Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday: 8 AM – 9 PM and Friday – Saturday: 8 AM – 10 PM.

Admission Fee: Adults can enjoy the springs for $10, while children have a reduced fee of $7. Towels are available at $1, free for lodge guests. Special rates apply for larger groups upon inquiry.

Elkhorn Hot Springs, Montana
Photo by: mackinleyjade
Elkhorn Hot Springs, MT
Photo by: jckamman

Unique Hot Spring Features of this Montana Hot Spring Resort

Elkhorn Hot Springs offers a blend of rustic charm and heartfelt hospitality. The geothermally heated pools provide not only relaxation but also health benefits, given the absence of chemicals. The flow rate ensures the water remains fresh, requiring no chemical additives, benefiting both health and skin. While the hot springs outdoor pools offer a range of 92-102 degrees, the indoor sauna heats up to a comforting 104-106 degrees.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  1. Maverick Mountain: A snow paradise, this hidden gem offers skiing experiences at affordable rates.
  2. Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway: A summer-only route, this scenic drive starts at Polaris MT, and passes by Elkhorn Hot Springs, offering breathtaking mountain views.
  3. Crystal Park: Just a short drive away, Crystal Park allows visitors to pan for gemstones and crystals in its vast expanse.
  4. Bannack State Park: Dive deep into Montana’s history with a visit to this preserved town.

Nearby Accommodations

The Lodge at Elkhorn Hot Springs: Central to the retreat, the Lodge, built in 1918, serves as the heart of Elkhorn. Beyond its historic significance, it offers a plethora of amenities. Visitors can unwind by the fireplace, savor signature burgers, or opt for the rustic dormitory-style rooms. Every stay includes a complimentary buffet breakfast, unlimited hot springs access, and Wi-Fi. Room rates start at $50/night for a single person, with additional charges for extra guests.

How to Get There?

Elkhorn Hot Springs is conveniently located 40 miles southwest of Dillon, Montana.

From Dillon, head on I-15 BL S/S Atlantic St toward Idaho Falls. After 2.4 miles, take Exit 59 for MT-278. After about 25 miles, you’ll reach the Pioneer Mountains Scenic By-Way. Take a right and proceed for 12.8 miles until you arrive at Elkhorn Hot Springs Resort.

If traveling from more distant locations like Butte, Montana, or Yellowstone, routes via I-15 and I-90 lead to the retreat. However, during winter, it’s recommended to check with the resort regarding road conditions.

Jackson Hot Springs Lodge, MT

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Immersed in Montana’s picturesque Big Hole Valley, Jackson Hot Springs Lodge offers a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation. The primary lure is its vast developed pool, filled with naturally heated, geothermal water, maintaining a consistent temperature between 100-106°F. A dip here is not just about leisure but also about experiencing the therapeutic essence of these mineral-rich waters.

Jackson Hot Springs Lodge
Photo by: cold_smokemt
Jackson hot springs pool and lodge Montana
Photo by: skiergal_406

Located in the heart of Montana’s pristine landscapes, Jackson Hot Springs is not just a destination but a holistic experience. From its therapeutic waters to its myriad of activities and amenities, it beckons travelers seeking an authentic Montana getaway. Whether you’re an adventurer or someone simply looking to escape the daily grind, Jackson Hot Springs promises an unforgettable experience.

Operating Time: Jackson Hot Springs Lodge welcomes guests from Thursday to Sunday, but it’s always a good idea to verify the exact operating days and hours online before planning your visit.

Admission Fee: To immerse yourself in these tranquil waters, there’s a $10 charge per person. However, if you’re staying at the lodge, consider yourself exempt from this fee.

Unique Features of the Hot Spring

The ambiance of Jackson Hot Springs resonates with a rustic, wild west feel, embodied by its cowboy and western-style architecture. It’s not just a spring but a hub of activities. By night, hanging lights adorn the pool area, creating a dreamy atmosphere perfect for relaxation. Moreover, the resort is more than just hot springs; there’s a pool table, shuffleboard, foosball, and card games available for some friendly competition.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  1. Outdoor Adventures: Jackson Hot Springs is a gateway to numerous outdoor activities such as skiing and snowmobiling, ensuring adventure enthusiasts have plenty to explore.
  2. Live Music: For those seeking some cultural infusion, the lodge frequently hosts live music sessions, so you might want to check their schedule.

Nearby Accommodations

  1. The Jackson House: This main house features two bedrooms, a living room, two baths (one with a soaking tub), a dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen. Linens, towels, soap, and shampoo are provided, ensuring a hassle-free stay.
  2. The Studio: This large room offers a queen bed, a living area, a dining area, and a kitchen (minus a stove, but BBQ is available).
  3. RV Sites: For those with a penchant for camping, RV sites are available at the lodge.
  4. Pet-Friendly Options: If you’re traveling with your furry friend, opt for rooms like 7, 12, 20, W, or Z.

Booking Note: Payments are processed at the time of booking and are non-refundable. For more details or to make a reservation, visit the lodge’s website.

How to Get There?

If you’re starting from Dillon, Montana, head southwest on S Montana St, take I-15BL S, and then I-15 S toward Idaho Falls. Exit at 59 for MT-278 towards Jackson and drive for around 42 miles before turning right onto MT-278 W. The lodge will be on your right.

For those traveling from Missoula, it’s a slightly longer route. Begin southwest on N Higgins Ave, slightly right onto US-12 W/Brooks St, and then onto US-93 S. After driving for about 83 miles, turn left onto MT-43 E and then right onto MT-278 E. The lodge will soon be visible on your left.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Anaconda, Montana

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Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Montana, the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort beckons visitors all year round with its therapeutic geothermal pools and an array of recreational amenities. The resort houses two vast Olympic-sized swimming pools and two mineral soaking pools, with both indoor and outdoor options available. These pools are nourished by a constant supply of 155-degree natural hot spring water, adjusted to comfortable temperatures for ultimate relaxation.

Operating Time: The pools are open daily from 7 am to 10 pm. However, access is exclusive to registered overnight guests of the resort, condominium association, pool, and golf members. RV Park and Chalet guests can avail of the pool facilities for a daily fee, provided they have proper credentials.

Admission Fee: Registered guests of the resort enjoy complimentary access to the hot springs. For other guests, pool rates and water slide rates are available upon inquiry.

Unique Features of the Hot Spring

The distinct charm of Fairmont Hot Springs doesn’t stop at its therapeutic waters. Adventure seekers can take a thrilling plunge down the 350-foot enclosed waterslide, a unique attraction open throughout the year. For those looking for a touch of indulgence, the on-site Whispering Willows Spa offers a variety of treatments and services to rejuvenate the body and mind.

Golf enthusiasts can challenge themselves on an 18-hole, 6,741-yard golf course featuring the ‘mile high, mile long’ 5th hole, recognized as one of Montana’s most formidable.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  1. Outdoor Activities: From the exhilaration of ziplining to mountain biking at Discovery Ski Area Bike Park, the surrounding area brims with activities. Guided ATV adventures offer glimpses of old mining ghost towns, and local hiking trails showcase the untouched beauty of Montana’s landscapes.
  2. Cultural Attractions: Dive into Montana’s rich mining history with visits to local ghost towns, the Art Deco Washoe Theater, the World Museum of Mining, and the Montana Tech Mineral Museum.
  3. Fairs, Festivals & Arts: Soak in the vibrant local culture, arts, and festivities that the region frequently hosts, offering visitors a taste of Montana’s traditions and creativity.


With 153 spacious rooms and suites, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort ensures a comfortable stay for every traveler. Each accommodation comes equipped with modern amenities like telephones with data ports, flat-panel TVs, and coffee makers. The resort boasts 22 suites, some with mini-fridges and microwaves, and others with fully equipped kitchens.

For those seeking an added touch of luxury, the two-story “Suite 1” offers a jetted tub and a spiral staircase leading to the bedroom. All accommodations are designated non-smoking, with some rooms designed to be handicap accessible.

How to Get There?

Centrally positioned between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is conveniently accessible. Situated just three miles off of Interstate 90, Exit 211, and a mere eight miles from the I-90 and I-15 interchange, it’s an easy drive for most travelers.

If you’re flying in, Skywest offers frequent connections from the Salt Lake City hub to Bert Mooney Airport in Butte. Car rentals are available at the airport for those wishing to explore more of Southwestern Montana.

Embraced by the Continental Divide and situated at the base of the Pintler Wilderness area, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is more than a destination—it’s an experience waiting to unfold in the heart of Montana’s unparalleled beauty.

Yellowstone Hot Spring in Gardiner, Montana

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Imagine a serene and tranquil location, nestled between two mountain ranges with the Yellowstone River flowing nearby. Welcome to Yellowstone Hot Springs, Montana’s newest geothermal marvel, located just eight miles north of Yellowstone Park’s North entrance.

Yellowstone Hot Springs Montana
Photo by: greenleafvintageshop

The continual flow-through of mineral-rich waters provides a rejuvenating experience that dissolves the stresses of daily life. With temperatures ranging between 100-106°F, the waters promise relaxation and a therapeutic immersion.

Operating Time: Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, with Mondays being closed. Before planning a visit, remember to check the exact timings online.

Admission Fee: Adult admission is set at $15, with discounts available for seniors, veterans, Yellowstone National Park employees, and children. A multi-visit pass offering 12 visits costs $115, providing a discounted soak rate. Birthdays are celebrated with a free pass (proof of ID required). Group rates are available starting at 12 people, with special rates for larger groups.

Unique Features of the Hot Spring

Beyond the therapeutic waters, the atmosphere at Yellowstone Hot Springs stands out. Set against Montana’s vast sky, the site offers views of soaring eagles and encompassing mountains. In the evenings, the pool area transforms with hanging lights, making the experience all the more enchanting. With waters being flow-through, visitors are ensured a clean and refreshing soak every time they visit, regardless of the hour.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  1. Wildlife Viewing: Experience the natural wonders of Yellowstone and its majestic inhabitants.
  2. Nature’s Marvels: Explore thermal geysers like Old Faithful and Beehive.
  3. Yellowstone River: Marvel at the grandeur of this iconic river, flowing with stories of history.
  4. Big Sky Country: Let the vast open skies and horizons of Montana take your breath away.
  5. Sunset Watch: As the day ends, witness the sky transform into a canvas of colors over tranquil waters.

Nearby Accommodations

  • Extended-Stay Suites: For those seeking a longer, immersive experience, Yellowstone Hot Springs now offers luxurious extended-stay suites, complete with separate living areas, fully equipped kitchens, fireplaces, AC, and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi. Whether you opt for a two-bedroom suite or the cozier one-bedroom variant, luxury and comfort are guaranteed.
  • Cabins: For a more rustic stay, choose from one of the four cozy cabins available. All cabins are pet-free and smoke-free and equipped with essential amenities including Wi-Fi, a Keurig coffee machine, and a smart TV. The scenic backdrop of the Yellowstone River, coupled with the frequent wildlife visits, enhances the cabin stay experience.
  • RV and Tent Camping: The Yellowstone Hot Springs campgrounds, perched beside the Yellowstone River, provide an authentic experience of nature. With facilities such as a 24/7 shower house, Wi-Fi pavilion, and laundry facilities, campers can enjoy the outdoors without compromising on basic comforts.

How to Get There?

Yellowstone Hot Springs is best accessed by car, given its proximity to the Yellowstone National Park’s North entrance. It’s conveniently located in Paradise Valley, at the southern tip, making it an easy drive for those touring the park or residing in Gardiner.

Whether you’re coming from within Montana or crossing over from a neighboring state, just follow the directions to Yellowstone National Park’s North entrance and head eight miles north. The warm embrace of Yellowstone Hot Springs awaits.

Lost Trail Hot Springs Resort 

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Nestled in the serene south end of Bitterroot Valley, Sula, Lost Trail Hot Springs, originally known as Gallogly Hot Springs, offers an enchanting getaway for relaxation and recreation. Historically, it served as a sanctuary for Native Americans, weary from the challenging climb across the Continental Divide.

Lost trail hot springs resort Montana
Photo by: _ashleyknight_
Lost trail hot springs resort in Montana
Photo by: misco.boards

Today, visitors are captivated by its all-natural, chemical-free hot springs pool, which bubbles directly from the earth’s core at an impressive 107° year-round. Swimmers can expect an average temperature of 95° in the pool, with the hot tub reaching up to 105° in summer and 103° in winter.

Operating Time & Admission Fee: The pool remains open throughout the year with varied seasonal hours. During the summer, from mid-June to early September, it welcomes guests daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. In the off-season, hours are restricted to the weekends with occasional exceptions for appointments. The entry fees are as follows:

  • Toddlers (1-2 years): $3
  • Children (3-13 years): $7
  • Adults (14-59 years): $9
  • Seniors (60+ years): $7 Remember, if you’re not paying with cash, an additional 4% charge applies.

Unique Features of the Hot Spring

Lost Trail Hot Springs boasts more than just its warm waters. Its expansive 20′ by 70′ pool, ranging from 9′ deep to a shallow 10″ wading area, is shielded by a dome during the colder months. This transparent dome not only conserves the water’s heat but also provides a cozy, warm atmosphere around the pool.

Beyond the waters, visitors can enjoy the dry sauna or immerse in an 8-person hot tub for a thorough relaxation experience. Facilities include a bathhouse, changing rooms, and showers. Day guests should pack their swim towels, though rental options are available, along with a range of pool toys and refreshments at the pool office.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  1. Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness: A vast 158,516-acre wilderness that offers mesmerizing rugged mountain views.
  2. ATV Tours with Bitterroot Adventures: Tailored ATV rides through Montana’s Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains, offering potential glimpses of wildlife.
  3. Baker Lake Trail: A steep, short trail leading to Baker Lake, perfect for day hikers.
  4. Bandit Brewing Company: A nano-brewery in Darby, MT, renowned for its small-batch production and diverse craft beer offerings.

Nearby Accommodations

  1. A Li’l Bit of Heaven (Sula): Custom-built log cabins providing secluded stays surrounded by nature.
  2. Alta Campground (Conner): A campsite located amidst the Bitterroot National Forest with a historical background.
  3. Alta Ranch (Darby, MT): Log cabins are set in the heart of nature offering a tranquil getaway.
  4. Lost Trail Accommodations: The resort itself offers lodging options, from rustic cabins to lodges, with all modern amenities including electric heat and private bathrooms.

How to Get There?

Driving from Missoula, Montana is the most straightforward route. The journey covers approximately 90 miles and takes around an hour and 30 minutes. Set your GPS to US-12 W/Brooks St, following it for about 10.2 miles. Then, proceed on US-93 S for 76.7 miles before making a right turn onto Lost Trail Hotsprings Rd. The resort is easily accessible by car and is the perfect starting or ending point for various adventures in the Bitterroot National Forest.

Symes Hot Springs Hotel & Mineral Baths

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A beacon of relaxation and rejuvenation since 1928, the Symes Hot Springs Hotel offers a taste of history alongside the curative powers of its hot mineral springs. Guests can soak in the resort’s outdoor mineral flow-thru pools, with temperatures ranging from a relaxing 103° to an invigorating 110°. For those visiting the springs during their stay at the hotel, an admission fee is applicable.

Symes Hot Springs Hotel
Photo by: glaciermt

Operating Time: Symes Hot Springs is open throughout the week, from Sunday to Thursday between 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., and extends its welcoming embrace until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Admission Fee: Specific details regarding the admission fee can be found on the resort’s website, but it’s worth noting that pool usage is already included for guests staying at the hotel.

Unique Features of the Hot Spring

Symes is not just about the pools; it’s an experience in itself. The hotel is a designated historic landmark, showcasing vintage furnishings and Spanish-style architecture. Furthermore, the bath wing retains its original clawfoot tubs, and for those seeking modern comforts, a new two-person jetted tub and jacuzzi steam are available. The day spa offers traditional Swedish massage, promising another layer of relaxation for guests.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

Nestled in a ranching community at the foot of the Cabinet Mountains, Symes Hot Springs Hotel acts as an entry point to Montana’s treasures. The locale, known for the “Big Medicine” hot mineral springs, is revered by the northwest Indian Tribes and contemporary visitors alike.

Nearby Accommodations

The Symes Hot Springs Hotel offers 31 rooms, including a luxury Jacuzzi Suite with a jetted mineral spa. Additionally, 15 cabins and several convenience apartments are available for visitors. Amenities at the hotel cater to diverse needs, boasting a restaurant, espresso stand, live music, art gallery, and even an antique corner.

For the tech-savvy, WiFi is accessible throughout the premises. Guests planning an extended stay can avail of discounts for seven-night bookings. Note: Symes maintains a firm policy against pets.

RV and Tent guests are catered to with varying options, including full hookups. Rates differ based on the facilities, but each booking includes two swim passes.

How to Get There?

From Missoula, Montana, it’s a drive of roughly 75 miles, translating to about an hour and 20 minutes. The straightforward route involves taking I-90 W from Missoula. Then, transition onto MT-200 W, heading towards State Hwy 382 in Sanders County. Continue on this highway and drive straight to N Wall St in Hot Springs. The destination, Symes Hot Springs Hotel & Mineral Baths, is easily accessible by car, with a spacious parking lot and simple walkways leading to the hotel.

Lolo Hot Springs Resorts & Pools

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Nestled atop Montana’s Lolo Mountains, Lolo Hot Springs Resort is a rejuvenating retreat spread across 125 acres in the heart of the Lolo National Forest. A perfect mix of relaxation and recreation, the resort is renowned for its two hot spring pools, one indoor and one outdoor, with temperatures ranging between 102° to 106° Fahrenheit. Guests can soak in these geothermal wonders and relish the therapeutic benefits of the mineral-rich waters.

Lolo hot springs resort
Photo by: vocalsbytatiana
Lolo hot springs hotel and resort Montana
Photo by: 2hotchilis

Operating Time:
The pools welcome visitors year-round, with specific hours:

  • Winter: Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to midnight.
  • Summer: Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.; Friday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to midnight.

Admission Fee:
The entrance fee for the privilege of this soak is nominal, and while exact prices may vary, a general rate for adults stands at around $10.

Unique Features of the Hot Spring

Lolo Hot Springs Resort is more than just a hot spring. The locale is steeped in history, operating for over two centuries, and offers a saloon with live entertainment, a gallery, a restaurant, and natural mineral hot springs pools.

The on-site amenities such as the RV Park, campground, volleyball nets, and horseshoe pits further elevate the guest experience. And if you’re into winter sports, the resort also provides a gateway to five hundred miles of groomed snowmobile trails, with rentals conveniently available on-site.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  1. A Carousel for Missoula: An exquisite hand-carved carousel, a testament to the dedication of numerous volunteers.
  2. Adventure Cycling Association: A haven for cyclists, offering routes, maps, and tours to help one explore North America on two wheels.
  3. Adventure Missoula: Dive into fly-fishing or embark on exhilarating whitewater rafting trips amidst Montana’s scenic rivers.
  4. Albert Point Trail: A peaceful trail, ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in the serenity of nature.

Nearby Accommodations

  1. 102 ON CATLIN: A cozy 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom condominium located in Missoula, MT, equipped with essentials for a comfortable stay.
  2. 4 Seasons of Beauty: A tranquil vacation home in Florence, MT, surrounded by the beauty of Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. Just a 45-minute drive from downtown Missoula and 15 minutes from Florence.
  3. Lolo Hot Springs Resort Accommodations: Choose from the heated deluxe and economy cabins, with the former accommodating up to six guests and the latter, three. The resort also provides an RV Park and tent cabin options.

How to Get There?

Starting from Missoula, Montana, it’s a mere 35-mile journey, which typically takes around 45 minutes. Head west on US-12 W/Brooks St. After 10.2 miles, turn right onto US-12 W/Faq 93/Lolo Creek Rd. Continue on US-12 W/Lolo Creek Rd for approximately 25.2 miles, and the resort will greet you on your right.

Broadwater Hot Springs & Fitness – Hot Springs Near Helena

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Located in the scenic state of Montana, Broadwater Hot Springs and Fitness is a sanctuary for those in search of relaxation and rejuvenation. Recognizing the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, this oasis promises a therapeutic escape, offering naturally heated mineral-rich waters that serve both your body and soul. The hot springs spa provides an unparalleled experience, ensuring your well-being without straining your budget.

Broadwater Hot Springs and Fitness, Helena, Montana
Photo by: rose_flores.4
Broadwater Hot Springs and Fitness Montana
Photo by: _bimhc_

Broadwater Hot Springs Pool is more than just a hot spring; it’s a piece of Montana’s rich history and a testament to the healing powers of nature. Whether you’re a local looking for an escape or a traveler eager to experience Montana’s therapeutic waters, Broadwater Hot Springs offers a slice of tranquility amidst the Rocky Mountains. So, come, soak, relax, and let the mineral-rich waters of Broadwater Hot Springs wash your worries away.

Operating Time: The Broadwater Hot Springs & Fitness facility welcomes guests from Monday to Thursday, 8 AM – 10:30 PM; Friday, 8 AM – 11:30 PM; Saturday, 9 AM – 11:30 PM; and Sunday, 9 AM – 10:30 PM.

Unique Features of the Hot Spring

Boasting three expansive outdoor pools filled with therapeutic water, Broadwater Hot Springs ensures a diversified experience for its guests:

  1. Springs Pool: This 30′ x 70′ freeform pool offers depths ranging from 3 to 4.5 feet, and temperatures between 97 to 102 degrees. The bench seating around its perimeter, designed for utmost relaxation, complements its purpose.
  2. Soaker Pool: Equipped with a soothing waterfall feature, this 30′ x 70′ freeform pool is perfect for a tranquil soak. With temperatures between 97 to 102 degrees, this pool promises both relaxation and rejuvenation.
  3. Recreation Pool: Tailored for a more active experience, this 25′ x 70′ pool ranges in depth from 3 to 10 feet and maintains a temperature between 89 and 93 degrees. It’s the go-to spot for lively aquatic activities.

Further enhancing the experience, guests can enjoy hot tubs maintained at temperatures between 101 and 104 degrees, as well as cold plunges kept between 50-59 degrees.

It’s important to note that hot tubs may not be suitable for pregnant women or children under 5, and children 14 and under must always be accompanied by an adult in the pools.

The Springs Taproom & Grill

The Springs Taproom & Grill at the Broadwater Hot Springs presents a unique culinary experience, blending traditional Montana flavors in a modern and innovative way. Whether you’re craving breakfast, lunch, or dinner, their menu, infused with locally sourced ingredients, promises to satiate your palate. Plus, for a refreshing weekend start, join them for a BOGO Mimosa offer every Saturday and Sunday from 9 – 11:30 AM.

Nearby Accommodations

Though Broadwater Hot Springs is exclusively a day-use facility without accommodations, its proximity to Helena means guests can easily find lodgings in Montana’s capital city, just 10 minutes away.

How to Get There

From Helena, Montana, the journey to Broadwater Hot Springs is a mere 5-mile or 10-minute drive. Starting in Helena, take the US-12 W/Euclid Ave and continue on this route. After 3.8 miles, make a right turn onto Old Broadwater Ln, and you will find your destination on the right. The facility is also proud to be handicap accessible, ensuring that everyone can partake in its therapeutic offerings.

Boulder Hot Springs Peace Valley, Montana

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Situated amidst nature’s serene backdrop, Boulder Hot Springs boasts a rich 100-year history, effortlessly blending healing and relaxation in its geothermal offerings. Visitors are treated to both an indoor pool, maintained at a therapeutic temperature of 104 to 106°F, and a spacious outdoor pool that ranges seasonally between 92 to 100°F.

Operating Time and Admission Fee: While planning your visit, consider the pricing tiers: Adults at $10, Seniors (60+) at $8, and Children at $5. Purchasing a 10-pass package provides an additional pass at no cost. Your fee encompasses day use of all pool and spa amenities. Before indulging in the rejuvenating waters, ensure a prior shower as it’s mandatory for all visitors.

Unique Features of the Hot Spring

Boulder Hot Springs stands apart with its insistence on preserving the natural purity of its pools. Eschewing harsh chlorine, they instead introduce bromine, a gentler alternative, ensuring the freshness and safety of the pool water. Notably, the bathhouse is well-equipped with dressing rooms, rest areas, toilets, and invigorating steam rooms. Guests should be aware that this haven is not pet-friendly, and children under 12 require adult supervision. An added bonus: Boulder Hot Springs is conscious of its differently-abled visitors, making the pool handicap-accessible with assistance.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  1. Tizer Gardens: A botanical paradise sprawled over 6 acres in the Elkhorn Mountains. Located just 16 miles north.
  2. Gates of the Mountains: A mesmerizing boat ride offering a peek into the vastness of nature. Situated 51 miles north.
  3. Yellowstone: America’s pioneering national park, presenting panoramic views and diverse wildlife. West Entrance is 145 miles south.
  4. Ringing Rocks: Marvel at these one-of-a-kind rock formations. Located 49 miles south.
  5. Lewis & Clark Caverns: Explore the famed limestone caverns within the state park. Situated 38 miles south.
  6. Helena Tour Train: Experience Montana’s capital with this unique open-air train tour. A mere 33 miles north.

Nearby Accommodations

Boulder Hot Springs prioritizes its guests’ comfort, offering a gamut of luxurious B&B rooms and suites, as well as more budget-friendly guest rooms. The innate charm of these newly remodeled themed rooms guarantees a tranquil stay. Every overnight stay is graced with a delightful breakfast, ensuring guests kickstart their day on a sumptuous note.

Beyond mere lodging, the venue extends an array of spa services, including a selection of massages tailored to individual preferences. If you’re interested in nurturing both the body and soul, the in-house kitchen staff is ready to meet specific nutritional requirements, and the venue even collaborates with local Health Mines for holistic wellness programs.

How to Get There?

Departing from Helena, Montana? A mere 30-mile journey (approximately 35 minutes) will lead you to Boulder Hot Springs. Simply follow I-15 S from Helena, take exit 164 from I-15 S towards MT-69 S in Jefferson County, and proceed on MT-69 S until you reach Hot Springs Rd. The good news: Boulder Hot Springs is incredibly accessible, allowing direct vehicular access to the hotel and easy navigation around the property.

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs & Resorts Montana

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Nestled along Montana’s northern frontier, Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs stands as the region’s solitary warm embrace, welcoming visitors since the 1920s. This renowned hot spring owes its bountiful flow to a deep well of 3,200 ft., pushing out an impressive 900 gallons per minute of 108-degree water.

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs & Resort
Photo by: 406farmwife

Operating year-round, it guarantees purity; pools are cleaned nightly and refreshed daily with natural hot springs water. Admission is keenly priced, and specific rates can be found on their reservation site, with different pricing structures for tents, campsites, and cabins.

Operating Time: Open throughout the year, Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs is accessible from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Check-ins commence at 4:00 p.m., and guests must check out by 11:30 a.m.

Admission Fee: Varies based on accommodation – starting at $24 for tents, between $37 and $52 for campsites, and ranging from $189 to $279 for cabins and suites. It’s essential to note that rates might fluctuate based on seasons and holidays.

Unique Features of the Hot Spring

The Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs offers not just a soak but an experience. With three distinctive indoor pools: a relaxing hot tub at 106 degrees, a spacious hot springs pool at about 95 degrees, and a refreshing cold plunge pool at 50 degrees, guests have a range of choices.

Its pet-friendly and family-oriented ethos is complemented by its amenities, including a sauna, showers, and bathroom facilities. Moreover, the mineral-rich waters, teeming with elements like silica, magnesium, sulfate, and potassium, offer therapeutic benefits, ensuring a rejuvenating retreat.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

  1. Bjornberg Bridge Fishing Access Site, Saco: An idyllic spot for day fishing.
  2. Blue Ridge Brewing, Malta: Quench your thirst with their diverse brew selections in a family-friendly environment.
  3. Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge, Malta: Spanning over 15,551 acres, this refuge is a haven for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers.
  4. Cole Ponds Fishing Access Site, Saco: Apart from fishing, this site offers camping facilities and is near the Nelson Reservoir.

Nearby Accommodations

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs provides various accommodation options. Choose from:

  1. Deluxe Lodging Cabins & Suites: These lavish spaces come equipped with full kitchens, queen beds, sofa sleepers, and other modern amenities including Wi-Fi and Smart TVs. Rates vary but start from $189-$279 per night.
  2. Camp Sites: Ideal for those keen on connecting with nature, with full amenities for campers. Rates range from $37-$52 per night.
  3. Tent Sites: Perfect for traditional campers, priced at $24 per night.

All accommodations have been designed keeping convenience in mind, with easy access to the pools and the provision of towels.

How to Get There?

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs, situated close to the Nelson Reservoir, is merely a 20-minute drive from Malta, Montana. From Malta, embark on State Hwy 243, make a slight right at Cree Dr, and continue straight; your destination will soon appear on your left. The resort is notably handicap accessible, ensuring that all guests can enjoy their stay without hindrance.

Gigantic Warm Springs Northwest of Lewistown, MT

Google Maps Location 

Boasting the title of the world’s largest warm spring, Gigantic Warm Springs is an oasis set between Montana’s North and South Moccasin Mountains, on the serene Vanek’s Paradise Ranch in Fergus County.

Gigantic Warm Springs
Photo by: mnmoomin

A true gem of Central Montana, it provides an expansive swimming area, perfect for cooling off on a hot day with a constant water temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. Covering an impressive 5,000 square feet and plunging to depths of 14 feet, this spring has been a sanctuary for locals and travelers alike.

Operating Time: Weather permitting, the springs welcome guests from approximately June 1st to Monday of Labor Day Weekend, from 12 PM to 9 PM daily.

Admission Fee: Adults (14 and over) can enjoy the spring for a fee of $4. For children aged between 6 to 13, the fee is $3. And the best part? Children aged 5 and under can soak for free!

Unique Features of the Hot Spring

Apart from its sheer size, Gigantic Warm Springs stands out for its all-natural appeal. The water is untainted and untreated, offering a pure and refreshing experience. Ensuring that guests of all ages can enjoy, a shallower section has been constructed for younger swimmers and those who prefer a more relaxed wade.

The wooden deck surrounding the pool, built by the Vanek family who have been its stewards since the 1940s, adds a rustic charm. Moreover, the beachside, sheltered by majestic willow trees, houses picnic tables, making it an ideal spot for families to unwind.

Nearby Attractions to Visit

While the Gigantic Warm Springs itself is a major attraction, the surrounding Central Montana landscape offers scenic views, hiking trails, and an immersive experience of nature’s beauty.

Nearby Accommodations

Though the spring is for day use only, there are camping facilities available for those who wish to stay closer to nature. For hotel accommodations, the nearby town of Lewistown provides a range of options suitable for different budgets.

How to Get There?

To reach this piece of Montana paradise, if you’re coming from Grass Range, Montana, start on US-87 N. Continue on this route and transition onto MT-81 W. Your final turn will be onto Warm Spring Ln. The entire drive from Grass Range is approximately 50 miles. Gigantic Warm Springs offers easy accessibility. Visitors can conveniently drive up to the springs and find it a breeze to walk around the property.

Other Notable Natural Hot Springs in MT

  • Boiling River (in Yellowstone National Park)
  • Nimrod Hot Springs
  • Renova Hot Springs
  • Hunter’s Hot Springs in Springdale
  • K Bar L Ranch & Medicine Springs
  • Landusky Plunge
  • Upper Potosi Hot Springs
  • Sleeping Child Hot Springs

FAQs | Montana Hot Springs

Are there natural hot springs in Montana?

Yes, Montana is home to numerous natural hot springs. These springs are a result of geothermal activity, where heated water rises to the surface. A prominent example of this geothermal activity is the Yellowstone caldera, often referred to as the Yellowstone supervolcano.

Can you swim in the hot springs in Montana?

Absolutely! Montana offers several open-air natural mineral hot springs pools where guests can swim, soak, and relax. These pools are geothermally heated and are free from chemicals, providing a unique experience for visitors. Whether watching the sunrise over the Absaroka Mountains or stargazing at night, guests can enjoy these therapeutic waters all year round.

How do hot springs work in Montana?

Montana’s hot springs are a result of geothermally heated water emerging from below the earth’s surface. This heated water typically springs up in locations along rivers or creeks. Some of these springs have been developed to fill modern soaking pools, while others remain untouched, allowing the hot water to mix naturally with cooler river water. Regardless of their type, these springs offer a magical soaking experience.

What causes hot springs in Montana?

The hot springs in Montana are primarily caused by rainwater seeping deep into the ground, traveling down geologic faults located on the edges of mountain valleys. As the water circulates at these depths, it gets heated and then rises, emerging from other faults as hot springs. This phenomenon is especially prevalent in the western third of Montana, giving rise to several natural hot springs throughout the region.


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