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8 Best Natural Hot Springs in Virginia to Soak – Mapped & Ranked

The state of Virginia is renowned for its naturally occurring, mineral-enriched thermal springs that have captivated visitors for centuries. Since the 18th century, hot springs in Virginia have been a hub for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of these geothermal waters.

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While hot springs can be found globally, Virginia offers a unique blend of thermal springs with temperatures ranging from pleasantly lukewarm to a stimulating 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you discover the top hot springs in the state, providing you with all the information you need to add these destinations to your travel bucket list.

Read on as we take you on a journey to the 8 best natural hot springs in Virginia, United States of America.

The List of Best Natural Hot Springs in Virginia

  1. Berkeley Springs in Berkeley Springs State Park
  2. Warm Springs Pools at The Omni Homestead Resort
  3. Alum Springs in Alum Springs Park
  4. Falling Springs
  5. Bolar Spring
  6. Shenandoah Hot Springs
  7. New River White Sulphur Springs – Appalachian Mountains, Western Virginia
  8. Blowing Springs

Virginia Hot Springs Mapped

Every hot springs site is linked to Google Maps for easy access to directions and information about nearby areas. You can also visit the website of each hot spring in Warm Springs Baths in Virginia to find more information.

1. Berkeley Springs in Berkeley Springs State Park

Location on Google Maps | Visit Website

Berkeley Springs State Park is a historic wellness sanctuary located in the heart of the eponymous Berkeley Springs. Featuring a mineral spa with spring waters that maintain a consistent temperature of 74.3°F, this state park has been a rejuvenation hub since colonial times.

Berkeley springs state park virginia

Unique Features

The park boasts the Main and Old Roman Bathhouses that offer a suite of spa services, including saunas, massages, mineral baths, and showers. Particularly noteworthy are the Roman Baths—private walk-in facilities that hold 750 gallons of mineral-rich water heated to 102°F. For a more modern touch, opt for a whirlpool bath, also heated to 102°F, featuring a 150-gallon mineral bath with jets.

Things to Do at Berkeley Hot Springs

  • Camping: Camp under the stars and reconnect with nature.
  • Golf: Test your skills on the green.
  • Swimming: Dive into the warm, mineral-rich waters.
  • Museum and Historical Sites: Discover the park’s storied past.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ridge Fish Hatchery: Located just a few miles south, this hatchery offers free admission and is responsible for raising local trout and bass.
  • Cacapon Resort State Park: About 10 miles south, this resort offers overnight stays and recreational activities like horseback riding, golfing, watersports, and hiking.

Nearby Accommodations

Cacapon Resort State Park offers comfortable overnight stays, making it an excellent choice for those looking to extend their trip.

Important Information

  • Timing: Call to schedule your appointment.
  • Admission Fee: Varies by service (e.g., Sauna, Bath, and shower for $40 for adults, $36 for seniors).
  • Water Temperature: Consistently at 74.3°F for the springs; 102°F for Roman and whirlpool baths.
  • Contact: 304-258-2711

Price Details for Services

  • Sauna, Bath & Shower: $40 for adults, $36 for seniors
  • Bath & Shower: $32 for adults, $29 for seniors
  • Sauna (20 mins) & Shower: $30 for adults, $27 for seniors
  • Shower Only: $12 for adults, $11 for seniors

How to Get There?

Reaching Berkeley Springs State Park in West Virginia can be accomplished via various modes of transportation depending on your starting point. Here’s a generalized outline:

By Car:

  • Berkeley Springs State Park is located in the town of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.
  • If driving from the Washington D.C. or Baltimore area, take Interstate 70 west to Hancock, MD, and then U.S. Route 522 south into Berkeley Springs.
  • From the west, take Interstate 68 east to Hancock, MD, then follow U.S. Route 522 south into Berkeley Springs.

By Public Transportation:

There might not be direct public transportation to Berkeley Springs. However, you could potentially take a train or bus to a nearby city like Martinsburg, WV, and then take a taxi or a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft to Berkeley Springs.

By Air:

The nearest major airport is Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR) in Hagerstown, MD, about 26 miles southeast of Berkeley Springs. From the airport, you can rent a car or take a taxi or rideshare service to Berkeley Springs.

2. Warm Springs Pools at The Omni Homestead Resort

Location on Google Maps | Visit Website

Located amid the scenic Allegheny Mountains, the Warm Springs Pools at The Omni Homestead Resort in Virginia offer a rejuvenating experience steeped in natural beauty and historical significance. It offers one of the best hot springs in Virginia. The resort features two iconic pools—Jefferson Pools and Serenity Garden Pool, both nourished by mineral-rich springs known for their therapeutic properties since the 18th century.

Warm Springs Pools at The Omni Homestead Resort in Virginia
Photo by: lessthanthree13
Warm Springs, Virginia
Photo by: with.two.ns.jenn

Unique Features

  • Jefferson Pools: These are naturally heated and flow from the Allegheny Mountains. Known as the oldest spa structure in the U.S., the Gentleman’s Pool House dates back to 1761.
  • Serenity Garden Pool: An adult-only sanctuary offering mineral-rich healing waters at a consistent 96°F.
  • River Reflexology Walk: A unique footpath with strategically placed stones designed to stimulate nerve endings in your feet.

Things to Do

  • Golf: The resort boasts two historic golf courses.
  • Hiking/Biking: Explore the natural beauty surrounding the resort.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pools: Beyond the historic springs, enjoy modern pool facilities.
  • Horseback Riding: Experience the Alleghenies on horseback.
  • KidsClub Adventure Days: Keep the younger ones engaged and entertained.

Nearby Attractions

  • Greenbrier Valley Airport: Located 50 miles away.
  • Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport: Roughly 73 miles from the resort.

Nearby Accommodations

Stay at The Omni Homestead Resort itself to enjoy easy access to the Warm Springs Pools and all other amenities.

Important Information

  • Timing: Open Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Reservations required.
  • Admission Fee: $30 per person for a 50-minute soak in healing springs.
  • Water Temperature: Jefferson Pools, a natural hot tub, and thermal springs in Virginia are naturally heated, while Serenity Garden Pool maintains a 96°F temperature.

How to Get There?

The Omni Homestead Resort is accessible from multiple airports:

  • Greenbrier Valley Airport (LWB), 50 miles away.
  • Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport (ROA), 73 miles away.
  • Richmond International Airport (RIC), 174 miles away.
  • Dulles International Airport (IAD), 202 miles away.
  • Ingalls Field (for general aviation and private jet charter service), 5.5 miles away.

For precise directions, visit the resort’s directions page or contact them for assistance.

3. Alum Springs Hot Springs

Location on Google Maps | Visit Website

Alum Hot Springs is located in the heart of Fredericksburg within Alum Springs Park. This Virginia’s hot spring is one of the major thermal pools. This outdoor oasis offers a unique geothermal pool that maintains a consistent temperature of approximately 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Surrounded by lush forests, this thermal hot spring in Virginia is the perfect getaway for those looking to unwind in nature’s lap.

Alum springs park virginia
Photo by: shibe.photography

Unique Features

  • Consistent Temperature: A stable 72°F, ideal for comfortable soaking.
  • Natural Setting: Nestled within a 34-acre park with rich flora and fauna.
  • Recreational Facilities: Includes grills, picnic tables, and playgrounds, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Things to Do at Alum Springs Park

  • Picnic: Ample picnic tables and a covered shelter make this the ideal spot for a family outing.
  • Hiking and Biking: Explore the surrounding trails along the Rappahannock River.
  • Wildlife Spotting: Keep an eye out for local wildlife like birds and small mammals.
  • Jumping Rock: For adrenaline junkies, a rock close to the pool allows for safe diving.

Nearby Attractions

  • Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park: Perfect for history enthusiasts looking to learn about the Battle of Fredericksburg.
  • Chatham Manor: A well-preserved Georgian architecture building with Civil War history.
  • Old Town: A vibrant town teeming with history and young people, ideal for a leisurely stroll.

Nearby Accommodations

  • La Petite Auberge: A French-inspired restaurant located 1.6 miles from Alum Springs Park.
  • Park Lane Tavern: An upscale tavern also located 1.6 miles away.
  • Basilico: An Italian eatery situated 1.4 miles from the park.

Important Information

  • Timing: Alum Springs Park is open year-round, but it can get crowded, so plan accordingly.
  • Admission Fee: Free of charge.
  • Water Temperature: Stable at 72°F.
  • Footwear: The rocks and water can have algae, so water sandals are recommended.

How to Get There?

To reach Alum Springs Park, drive along Blue Gray Parkway and turn into the park’s entrance. Be cautious if your vehicle has low ground clearance, as you’ll need to cross a shallow gully stream to get to the parking area. Parking is limited, so it’s best to arrive early.

4. Falling Springs – Natural Springs in Virginia

Location on Google Maps | Visit Website

Falling Springs is an 80-foot-tall natural waterfall situated in the Alleghany Highlands of Alleghany County, Virginia. Not just any waterfall, it boasts naturally heated waters that maintain a consistent 77 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a one-of-a-kind thermal spring waterfall in the state.

Falling Springs - Natural Springs in Virginia
Falling Springs VA
Photo by: ginzaatemydinner

Unique Features

  • Largest Waterfall in Virginia: Falling Springs is not just remarkable for its thermal properties but also because it’s the largest waterfall in Virginia.
  • Consistent Temperature: The waters hover around a comfortable 77 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Historical Significance: Thomas Jefferson once described this thermal spring as “remarkable,” and it continues to make history.
  • Natural Warmth: A unique blend of thermal spring and waterfall makes it a must-visit destination.

Things to Do

  • Photography: The 80-foot cascade offers numerous photo opportunities.
  • Top of the Falls: Adventurous souls can climb to the top of the waterfall for a breathtaking view.
  • Picnicking: There are picnic tables near the parking area for a serene outdoor meal.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kayaking or Biking with Alleghany Outdoors: For those looking for an active adventure.
  • Humpback Bridge: The oldest covered bridge in Virginia offers a piece of architectural history.
  • Alleghany Highlands Arts and Crafts Center: Perfect for those who enjoy shopping for local crafts.

Nearby Accommodations

  • Hampton Inn Covington VA: A budget-friendly choice with essential amenities.
  • The Omni Homestead Resort: A luxury resort perfect for those looking to pamper themselves.
  • Roseloe Motel: A cozy, local option for budget travelers.

Important Information

  • Timing: Open year-round
  • Admission Fee: Free to visit
  • Water Temperature: Consistently at 77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Safety Measures: There are modified railings and caution signs for safer viewing.

How to Get There?

  • Location: Covington, Alleghany Highlands, Virginia.
  • Directions: Take Exit 16A from Interstate 64 and follow US 220 north for 9.5 miles.
  • Ease of Trail: Easy, roadside access
  • Hike Distance: Just a few yards walk from the parking area to the viewing point

Falling Springs is more than just a thermal spring; it’s a captivating natural wonder, a historical point of interest, and a hotspot for outdoor activities. So if you’re planning a trip to Virginia, this gem should undoubtedly make its way onto your itinerary.

5. Bolar Spring Warm Springs VA

Location on Google Maps | Visit Website

Bolar Springs is a remarkable thermal hot spring located in Warm Springs, Virginia. Unlike many hot springs, Bolar Springs is unique for its larger size and rock-bottomed, concrete-walled pool set amidst the lush greenery of Virginia’s nature. It boasts blue waters that maintain an average temperature of 73°F, making it ideal for a refreshing dip, particularly during the summer months.

Unique Features

  • Blue Waters: The spring’s vivid blue waters are one of its most striking features.
  • Temperature: The spring maintains an average temperature of 73°F year-round, perfect for cooling off.
  • Healing Properties: Known for its therapeutic benefits, the water is believed to heal minor wounds and skin issues.

Things to Do

  • Swimming: Enjoy the refreshing waters of the large man-made pool.
  • Picnicking: There are designated areas for a relaxing outdoor meal.
  • Hiking: Explore the surrounding trails that offer fantastic views.

Nearby Attractions

  • Little Valley Land: Just 0.2 miles away, an area perfect for hiking and nature walks.
  • Bolar Gap: Located 0.5 miles away, this land area is great for exploration.
  • Bolar Run and Peak Run Waters: At 1.5 and 1.6 miles away, these water bodies offer fishing opportunities.

Nearby Accommodations

The closest town for accommodation is Hot Springs, VA, where you can find a range of lodging options from hotels to guesthouses.

Important Information

  • Current Conditions: The site is seasonally closed; check the operational hours before planning your visit.
  • Timing: When open, the day-use area is accessible from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Admission Fee: Day use fee is $5. Camping fees range from $16 – $37 for standard sites and $165 per night for group sites.
  • Water Temperature: Consistently at 73°F.
  • Amenities: Flush toilets and showers are available. Drinking water is also provided.
  • Restrictions: Boats must be less than 25 feet in length. Camping is in designated sites only.

How to Get There?

From Covington, take 220 North to Hwy 39. Turn left on Hwy 39 and continue until you reach Highway 600 (Bolars Draft Road). Turn left onto Hwy 600 and follow the signs to the campground. For the store and marina, stay on Hwy 600 for an additional mile; they will be on your right.

With its stunning blue waters, healing properties, and a wide range of activities and nearby attractions, Bolar Springs offers an enriching experience for all. Whether you’re interested in relaxation, outdoor activities, or exploring the local area, this spring has something to offer everyone.

6. Shenandoah Hot Springs (Kids Approved)

Location on Google Maps | Visit Website

Shenandoah Hot Springs is not just any ordinary hot springs destination. This natural wonder, set against the scenic backdrop of Virginia, has evolved into a public water park, Massanutten Resort, offering a delightful blend of nature’s touch and modern aquatic entertainment.

Massanutten Resort
Photo by: mrsdavkatmanztu

Unique Features

  • Natural Consistency: The springs maintain a soothing temperature range of 70-72°F year-round, offering both therapeutic and recreational benefits.
  • All-Season Access: While outdoor portions are accessible for soaking when the ambient temperature reaches 70°F or above, indoor sections remain open throughout the year.
  • Water Park Extravaganza: An assortment of aquatic features awaits, from water fortresses and inflatable adventures to lazy river floats and body slides.

Things to Do

  • Soak and Relax: Experience the therapeutic properties of the Shenandoah Hot Springs.
  • Wave Pool: Engage in a refreshing dip where gentle three-foot waves provide relief on a hot day.
  • Slides and Adventures: Race down three different adrenaline-pumping water slides.
  • Arcade Gaming: Visit the on-site Arcade for some fun gaming action.
  • Shop: Browse the Surf Shop for towels, souvenirs, and other essentials.

Nearby Attractions

Shenandoah National Park: A must-visit, this national park, situated against the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, offers hiking, camping, and panoramic views of nature.

Nearby Accommodations

Shenandoah National Park Lodging: Ideal for those who want to stay closer to nature, offering scenic camping locations and other lodging options.

Important Information

  • Timing: Check the official website for seasonal hours.
  • Admission Fee: Varies depending on age and time of visit.
  • Water Temperature: A constant 70-72°F in the springs.
  • Safety Protocols:
    • Obey lifeguards and attendants.
    • No pushing, dunking, or inappropriate behavior.
    • Children under 12 must be with a responsible adult.
    • Kids below 5 require an adult within arm’s reach.
    • Consult a doctor before entering the hot tub if pregnant, elderly, or having certain medical conditions.
    • No entry if under the influence of specific substances.

7. New River White Sulphur Springs – Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia

Location on Google Maps | Visit Website

Nestled in the scenic embrace of the Appalachian Mountains, the New River White Sulphur Springs is a geothermal marvel. Residing in West Virginia’s heartland, this natural thermal spring maintains a consistent, welcoming temperature of eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, inviting visitors to indulge in its mineral-rich hot springs waters.

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
Photo by: paulfischer60

Unique Features

Beyond its natural thermal properties, the springs’ historical significance stands out. Once the renowned White Sulphur Springs and later evolving into the Greenbrier Resort, these springs have provided solace and rejuvenation to many over centuries. The springs’ backdrop—the iconic New River Gorge Bridge—is another site to behold, celebrated as one of the world’s highest and longest steel-arched bridges.

Things to Do

  • Entertainment: Explore the Gum Store Studios, a revitalized hub for arts, creativity, and healing, showcasing artists from across the state. For music aficionados, Cross Creek on Main offers a melange of events, combining 1920s rugged architecture with modern elegance.
  • Shopping: From the Village Wine Shop’s extensive wine selection to The Greenbrier’s varied offerings, including Ralph Lauren’s resort wear and Virtu’s locally crafted glassware, there’s something for every shopper. Children and adults alike can also enjoy Sugar Bears, offering stuffed-able plush animals and unique gifts.
  • Recreation: Whether you’re cycling along the 78-mile Greenbrier River Trail or experiencing the thrill of falconry with Greenbrier Outfitters, adventure awaits at every turn.

Nearby Attractions

  • Dining: Indulge your palate at Big Draft Brewing or relish a slice from April’s Pizzeria. For upscale options, The Greenbrier offers over 20 dining venues, including the vibrant Draper’s and the timeless Prime 44 West steakhouse.
  • Stay: Experience luxury at The Greenbrier, boasting 11,000 acres of picturesque terrain, or rejuvenate at the Salt Cave and Spa, set in a unique underground man-made cave.

Nearby Accommodations

  • The Greenbrier: Known as America’s Resort, it offers a medley of refreshing activities and culinary delights. Its secret Cold War bunker is a must-visit.

Important Information

  • Timing: Open year-round
  • Admission Fee: Entry is free to the public. (Specific amenities or guided tours may have fees.)
  • Water Temperature: Consistent 85 degrees Fahrenheit

How to Get There?

  • By Car: White Sulphur Springs is accessible via US-60 (running from Charleston to Richmond, Virginia) and I-64 (connecting Beckley through Charlottesville, Virginia to Richmond).
  • By Train: Amtrak’s Cardinal/Hoosier State line stops at White Sulphur Springs, positioned between Alderson and Clifton Forge VA stops.
  • By Plane: Greenbrier Valley Airport (LWB) in nearby Lewisburg serves as the closest airport.
  • Local Transport: The Mountain Transit Authority offers daily bus services throughout Greenbrier County and its surroundings.

8. Blowing Springs VA

Location on Google Maps | Visit Website

Blowing Springs is an enchanting natural spring located near the renowned Jefferson Pools and the Omni Homestead Resort in Virginia. The spa-like atmosphere, combined with its unique geological features, offers visitors an unparalleled experience amidst nature.

Blowing Springs
Photo by: tonyblackstudio

Unique Features

The highlight of Blowing Springs is its remarkable geological feature that blows air out of the rocks at a consistent 58°F. This creates a distinctive sensation, feeling either warm or cool, depending on the season.

Things to Do

  • Nature Observation: Revel in the breathtaking natural beauty surrounding Blowing Springs.
  • Mountain Biking: A favorite among biking enthusiasts for the surrounding terrain.
  • Fishing: Back Creek is teeming with trout, ensuring a rewarding fishing experience.
  • Swimming: Plunge into the refreshing swimming holes scattered along Back Creek.
  • Camping: With a variety of options, from open grassy fields to shaded wooded sites, camping at Blowing Springs is an experience in itself.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bolar Mountain Recreation Area: A haven for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Warms Springs Pools: A luxurious experience, though an admission fee applies.

Nearby Accommodations

  • Omni Homestead Resort: A luxurious resort near Jefferson Pools that offers premium accommodation and spa services.

Important Information

  • Timing: Open from mid-March to early December, closing for the season on December 6, 2023.
  • Admission Fee: Camping costs $12 per single site per night, with an extra vehicle fee starting from the third vehicle at $5 per night. Day use for fishers and hikers is free outside the gate.
  • Water Temperature: A stable 58°F, with varying perceptions depending on the ambient temperature.

How to Get There?

Physical Address: 7698 Mountain Valley Rd, Warm Springs, VA 24484 From Warm Springs, take the west route on VA-39/Mountain Valley Rd. The entrance to Blowing Springs is on your left, approximately 9 miles in.

Site Types

  • Tent Sites
  • RV Sites
  • Standard (Tent/RV)
  • Group


For Campers:

  • ADA Accessible
  • Trash disposal facilities
  • Picnic Tables available
  • Reservable sites
  • No Drinking Water available on-site (please plan accordingly)
  • Vault toilets
  • Alcohol is allowed
  • Pets are welcome
  • Fires are permitted

For Vehicles:

  • Sanitary Dump available for RVs
  • Water Hookups
  • Accommodates large vehicles or “Big Rigs”

Blowing Springs offers a combination of relaxation and adventure. The unique geothermal attributes, paired with the plethora of activities, make it a must-visit destination for nature lovers. However, prepare for a digital detox, as the cell service here is minimal at best. Happy exploring!


Why is Berkeley Springs famous?

Berkeley Springs is renowned for its mineral-rich thermal springs, which have been a popular spa destination since the 18th century. Its historical significance, paired with its therapeutic waters, has attracted many, including notable figures like George Washington.

Are the Berkeley Springs open?

Yes, Berkeley Springs State Park is open to the public year-round, though specific amenities or facilities may have seasonal operating hours.

Why is Berkeley Springs warm?

Berkeley Springs is warm because of geothermal heat from the Earth’s core. This natural underground heating causes the mineral-rich water to rise to the surface at a consistently warm temperature.

Why are there hot springs in Virginia?

Hot springs in Virginia exist due to the state’s unique geological conditions. Virginia lies over geothermal hot spots where the Earth’s crust is thinner, allowing heat from the planet’s core to warm underground water sources. When this water rises to the surface, it forms hot springs.

Does Virginia have any natural hot springs?

Yes, Virginia is home to several natural hot springs. Prominent among them are the Jefferson Pools and Berkeley Springs, both of which have been historically significant spa destinations due to their mineral-enriched thermal waters.

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