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12 Best Hot Springs in Utah | Natural & Must Visit Utah Hot Springs 2023

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the 10 Best Hot Springs in Utah! If you’re imagining Utah as just a place of red rock formations and mighty canyons, it’s time to broaden your horizons. Yes, Utah’s natural beauty ranges from iconic National Parks like Bryce Canyon to deep slot canyons—but did you know that it’s also a haven for hot spring enthusiasts?

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Utah offers more hot springs than many other U.S. states, and these aren’t just any hot springs. We’re talking about geothermal wonders set against the backdrop of Utah’s diverse landscapes, from arid desert plains to lush mountain forests. 

Let’s dive in!

The Criteria for Ranking the Best Hot Springs in Utah

To deliver the most accurate and reliable guide to Utah’s top hot springs, we’ve employed a rigorous set of criteria:

Water Quality: Essential for any hot spring experience, we’ve vetted the mineral content, temperature, and cleanliness of each location.

Accessibility: From easy walks to challenging hikes, our list incorporates hot springs that cater to all levels of accessibility.

Amenities Nearby: We factor in proximity to restaurants, campsites, or attractions, making your visit more than just a soak.

Scenery: The backdrop matters. Each hot spring is rated for its scenic value, amplifying your relaxation experience.

Popularity: Whether you seek solitude or a social atmosphere, we’ve indicated the expected crowd levels.

With these criteria, our guide is your ultimate resource for experiencing Utah’s geothermal natural wonders.

1. Diamond Fork Hot Springs | Fifth Water Hot Springs

Provo, Utah

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Diamond Fork Hot Springs, colloquially known as Fifth Water Hot Springs, is a utopia for nature enthusiasts looking for a therapeutic experience combined with the best natural views. The series of rock-walled pools cascade down a slope, offering varying temperatures and vantage points. 

Diamond Fork Hot Springs, Utah
Diamond fork hot springs
Photo by: dakotawint

The milky blue and green waters are enriched with minerals, and they sit amidst a scenic backdrop of Fifth Water Creek and three adjacent waterfalls. The pools at the higher second waterfall offer unparalleled views and less crowd density, providing a more secluded soaking experience.

How to Get There

Located about 30 minutes outside of Provo, Utah, the hot springs are most easily accessed by car. Once you arrive at the designated parking area, prepare for a moderate 2.5-mile hike to reach the springs. During winter, the main road is closed, adding an extra 2.5-mile roundtrip hike. However, the springs are well worth the effort and are accessible year-round.

  1. Driving Directions:
    • From Salt Lake City, head south on I-15 for about 50 miles.
    • Take exit 258 for US-6 E toward Price and drive for about 11 miles.
    • Turn left onto Diamond Fork Road and continue for about 10 miles to get to the trailhead parking lot.
  2. Hiking to the Springs:
    • Once you arrive at the trailhead, you’ll need to hike to the hot springs.
    • The trail is about 2.5 miles long (one way) and has a moderate difficulty level.


  • Admission: Free
  • Temperature: Ranges from 102-111°F depending on the pool.
  • Season: Open year-round. Note that the road is closed during winter, requiring an additional hike.
  • Amenities: The site has a parking area at the trailhead and the hike itself is moderate in difficulty. Clothing is optional, and there are multiple pools to choose from, each with a distinct character and temperature gradient.

Nearby Attractions

If you’re making a day of it or planning an extended visit, there are several nearby attractions to consider:

  • Fifth Water Creek: Ideal for fishing and a tranquil nature walk.
  • Three Waterfalls: Alongside the hot springs, the three waterfalls offer a picturesque setting for photography.
  • Spanish Fork Peak: For more adventurous hikers, this peak offers a challenging hike and panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Diamond Fork Hot Springs is the best Utah hot spring and provides not just a soak but a full outdoor experience with its scenic vistas, multiple pools, and nearby attractions. It’s the perfect destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in Utah’s best hot springs.

2. Mystic Hot Springs (Monroe Hot Springs)

Monroe, Utah

View on Google Maps | Visit Website

Mystic Hot Springs, often called Monroe Hot Springs, is a must-visit destination for hot spring aficionados. Located between Fishlake National Forest and Sevier Plateau, the Monroe’s mystic hot springs provide panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. The waters, which range from 99 to 110°F, cascade over large rock walls adorned with calcium deposits. 

Mystic hot springs Utah
Photo by: jenyarekut
Monroe Hot Springs
Photo by: pitbullgirl_

It’s natural pools and strategically-placed vintage tubs offer both communal and private soaking experiences. Steeped in cultural significance, these waters have a long history of use by the indigenous Ute, Shoshone, and Paiute tribes. Whether it’s the large pool that accommodates 10+ people or the private tubs higher up the stairs, Mystic Hot Springs offers something for everyone.

How to Get There

Mystic Hot Springs is situated in Sevier County, Utah, with its closest city being Monroe. The best way to reach the springs is by car.


  • Admission: $25 for adults, $12.50 for children.
  • Temperature: The pools vary in temperature from 99-110°F.
  • Season: Open year-round.
  • Amenities: Features include bathrooms, showers, multiple soaking pools, and camping spots. Live music is offered in the summer months, viewable from unique vintage hot tubs set into the landscape.

Nearby Attractions

If you’re extending your stay, these attractions complement a visit to Mystic Hot Springs:

  • Fishlake National Forest: Ideal for hiking, fishing, and outdoor activities.
  • Sevier Plateau: Offers scenic vistas and more challenging hikes.
  • Monroe Mountain: A hotspot for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Whether it’s your first time in Utah’s natural hot springs or you’re a local seeking a weekend getaway, Mystic Hot Springs offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural history, and modern amenities, making it a top pick for a rejuvenating experience.

3. Homestead Crater Hot Springs

Midway, Utah

View on Google Maps | Visit Website 

Homestead Crater Hot Springs is one of Utah’s hot springs. It is an otherworldly experience unlike any other in the continental U.S. This unique geothermal hot spring offers both soaking and scuba diving opportunities. Formed over 10,000 years ago, the spring’s waters remain a constant 90-96°F, making it a unique warm scuba diving destination. 

The open-domed structure allows for natural light to filter in, enhancing the ethereal atmosphere. You don’t have to be a resort guest to enjoy the springs; day passes are available for soaking or scuba diving.

Homestead Carter Hot Springs Utah
Photo by: Tyson Gray

How to Get There

The Homestead Crater Hot Springs are part of the Homestead Resort, which is conveniently located in the Wasatch Valley, a short drive from Salt Lake City.


  • Day Pass Fee: Available for those not staying at the resort, allowing for up to an hour of soaking or scuba diving.
  • Temperature: Waters range from 90-96°F.
  • Activities: Apart from soaking, the crater offers unique activities like scuba diving and paddleboard yoga.
  • Amenities: The resort provides additional features like a swimming pool, golfing facilities, and well-designed rooms.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to get wet to enjoy the crater. Inquire about self-guided tours and paddle board yoga sessions at the Homestead Resort front desk.

Nearby Attractions

For those looking to explore beyond the crater, the Wasatch Valley offers:

  • Wasatch Mountain State Park: Offers hiking, mountain biking, and stunning panoramic views.
  • Heber Valley Railroad: Experience scenic train rides through the Provo Canyon.
  • Deer Creek State Park: Perfect for water sports and fishing.

Homestead Crater Hot Springs offers an array of activities for both water enthusiasts and those looking to stay dry. A visit here goes beyond a typical hot spring experience, making it a must-visit for anyone in Utah.

4. Inlet Park Hot Springs (Saratoga Hot Springs)

Lehi, Utah

View on Google Maps | Visit Website 

Inlet Park Hot Springs, commonly known as Saratoga Hot Springs, is a hidden treasure for those seeking a tranquil, natural hot spring experience in northern Utah. This hot spring offers a spacious 40-foot wide and 3-foot deep pool that’s ideal for families.

The temperature can soar up to 110°F, providing a warm soak in any season. It’s an easily accessible, day-use hot spring with free parking. However, do exercise caution for potential glass at the bottom, and remember that the area closes at 10 p.m. to avoid fines.

How to Get There

The springs are located near Utah Lake and are most easily accessed by car.


  • Admission: Free to the public.
  • Temperature: The pool reaches up to 110°F.
  • Season: Open year-round.
  • Amenities: Includes free parking. Multiple pools are available for soaking.

Pro Tip: In winter, consider bringing down booties for the hike back to the car to keep your toes warm.

Nearby Attractions

If you plan to extend your day near Inlet Park Hot Springs, the following attractions are worth checking out:

  • Utah Lake State Park: Perfect for boating, fishing, and jet skiing.
  • Willow Park Campground: A cost-effective overnight stay option at $25 a night, accommodating large vehicles.
  • Local Walmart: A potential free overnight parking spot. Confirm in advance.

Inlet Park Hot Springs offers a free, family-friendly, and peaceful soaking experience, making it an excellent choice for those looking to relax without the crowd. Its proximity to Utah Lake and additional nearby attractions adds to its allure for a perfect day out in northern Utah

5. Crystal Hot Springs | Utah Hot Springs

Honeyville, Utah

View on Google Maps | Visit Website 

Crystal Hot Springs is a renowned family-friendly resort that has stood the test of time. Established in 1901, the facility offers an impressive variety of seven hot spring pools, three hot spring waterfalls, and a waterslide. With water temperatures ranging from a relaxing 85°F to an invigorating 134°F, the pools offer something for everyone. Those looking to spend the night can opt for RV spaces or camping. Day passes are readily available for travelers passing through.

Crystal Hot springs Utah
Photo by: belocalcachevalley
Crystal Hot springs in Utah
Photo by: letyciagimenez

How to Get There

Crystal Hot Springs is easily accessible, being situated right off I-15 in Honeyville, Utah.


  • Admission: $18 per person, children under 3 enter free. An additional $2 for waterslide rides.
  • Temperature: Varies between 120°F to 134°F.
  • Season: Open year-round.
  • Amenities: Equipped with restrooms, showers, both hot and cold spring pools, and water slides.

Nearby Attractions

Should you choose to explore the surrounding areas, here are some nearby attractions:

  • Box Elder Museum of Art, History, and Nature: A cultural pitstop for families, located in Brigham City.
  • Willard Bay State Park: Offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and picnicking.
  • Bird Refuge: A must-visit for birdwatchers; located in Brigham City.

Crystal Hot Springs is located in Honeyville and offers a blend of relaxation and recreation, making it ideal for both the leisure seeker and the adventure enthusiast. Whether you’re interested in a soothing dip or a slide down a waterslide, this historic resort has you covered.

6. Meadow Hot Springs | Natural Hot Spring in Utah to Visit

Meadow, Utah

View on Google Maps | Visit Website 

Meadow Hot Springs, located just south of Fillmore, Utah, in the town of Meadow, is a haven for hot spring enthusiasts who appreciate seclusion and natural beauty. Though on private property, the landowner graciously allows public access to this unique spot.

Meadow hot springs Utah
Photo by: Misty Brown
Meadow hot springs water Utah
Photo by: femmetravel

The site features two clear water hot spring pools with distinct characteristics: the larger pool is roughly 25 feet deep and maintains a comfortable temperature of around 100°F, while the smaller pool is home to fish that provide a natural pedicure.

How to Get There

To reach Meadow Hot Springs, you’ll need to navigate a 5-mile non-technical dirt road. Fresh car washes are not recommended due to the off-road conditions.


  • Admission: Free, though it’s on private property—please respect the landowner’s rules.
  • Temperature: Steady at approximately 100°F.
  • Season: Accessible year-round.
  • Facilities: Multiple soaking pools, open desert landscape.

Nearby Attractions

If you’re planning to explore beyond the springs, consider these nearby attractions:

  • Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum: Located in Fillmore, this historical site offers a glimpse into Utah’s past.
  • Fishlake National Forest: Perfect for hiking, camping, and wildlife spotting.
  • Lava Tubes: A fascinating geological feature not too far from Meadow, excellent for spelunking.

Meadow Hot Springs serves as a free, yet priceless, retreat for those seeking solitude and a connection with nature. The remote location keeps it less crowded, especially during winter, making it an idyllic getaway for the true hot springs aficionado.

7. Baker Hot Springs

Delta, Utah

View on Google Maps | Visit Website

Located 40 miles north of Delta, Utah, Baker Hot Springs offers a serene soaking experience amid the tranquility of a tall grass field. Comprising three cement-walled tubs, the springs allow visitors to fine-tune their soaking temperature by adjusting hot and cold water valves.

Baker hot springs Utah
Photo by: fosterchild28
Baker hot springs in Utah
Photo by: brie_campbell

This destination is perfect for those seeking a simple and secluded soak without the need for a lengthy hike. Note that the tubs are not cleaned or maintained, and algae presence is common. This is also a clothing-optional area.

How to Get There

To access Baker Hot Springs, a 4×4 vehicle is highly recommended due to the dirt road conditions. No hiking is required as you can park directly at the springs.


  • Admission: Free.
  • Temperature: Around 107°F.
  • Season: Open year-round.
  • Facilities: Drive-up parking, multiple pools with adjustable water valves.

Nearby Attractions

If you’re interested in exploring more, consider the following nearby attractions:

  • Topaz Internment Camp Museum: Located in Delta, this museum offers a sobering look at a WWII internment camp.
  • Great Basin Museum: Also in Delta, this museum provides historical insights into the area.
  • Antelope Island State Park: Though a bit of a drive, it’s worth it for wildlife viewing and stunning landscapes.

Baker Hot Springs is an unpretentious and secluded spot. Its drive-up convenience and free admission make it an ideal choice for those looking for an undisturbed retreat into nature.

8. Ogden Hot Springs

Ogden, Utah

View on Google Maps

Contrary to popular belief that they’re closed, Ogden Canyon Hot Springs in Ogden, Utah, are actually accessible. Situated at the mouth of Ogden Canyon, these springs offer two naturally-fed pools with water temperatures ranging from 97-104°F.

Ogden Canyon Hot Springs
Photo by: vbot5000

Note that the pools are on private land and are technically closed to the public. There’s a notable trash problem, so practice a “Leave No Trace” ethic. No glass, pets, or garbage are allowed. This is a clothing-optional area.

How to Get There

Limited parking is available in the canyon, with more parking at the base. A short hike through the forest will lead you to the springs.

Pro Tip: There’s more parking available at the base of the canyon, and it’s just a short walk to the springs.


  • Admission: Free
  • Temperature: 97-104°F
  • Season: Year-round
  • Facilities: Limited parking, multiple natural pools

Nearby Attractions

Explore the local area further with these attractions:

  • Ogden River Scenic Drive: A beautiful drive offering canyon views.
  • Waterfall Canyon Trail: A moderate hike leading to a stunning waterfall.
  • Historic 25th Street: Lined with restaurants and shops, it’s perfect for a post-soak meal.

Ogden Hot Springs is a bit of a local secret. Due to its location on private property and its informal maintenance, it’s crucial to respect the land and the environment.

9. Panaca Warm Springs

Cedar City, Utah

View on Google Maps

Just a hop away from Cedar City, Utah, Panaca Warm Springs in Nevada offers an enormous, lake-like soaking pool. With a modest temperature of 85°F, it’s a haven for those looking to relax rather than scald. Situated in one of Nevada’s first Mormon settlement towns, these springs have a rich history dating back over a century. It’s a prime spot for free, year-round soaking.

How to Get There

The Panaca Warm Springs are about 2 hours from Cedar City, Utah. Simply follow UT-56 W which turns into NV-319 W once you cross the Nevada border. Follow signs for Panaca, and you’ll find the springs easily accessible by car.

Pro Tip: Make sure your vehicle has at least half a tank of gas for this journey, as cell service is spotty, and you don’t want to risk being stranded.


  • Admission: Free
  • Temperature: 85°F
  • Season: Year-round
  • Facilities: Free parking is available, and one large soaking pool.

Nearby Attractions

While you’re in the area, consider visiting:

  • Cathedral Gorge State Park: Known for its dramatic, unique rock formations.
  • Kershaw-Ryan State Park: Offers hiking trails and natural beauty.
  • Lincoln County Museum: Get to know the local history of this early Mormon settlement town.

10. Veyo Pool Hot Springs

St. George, Utah

View on Google Maps | Visit Website

Located in close proximity to Zion National Park, Veyo Pool Hot Springs is a top destination for resort spring aficionados. This century-old establishment combines geothermal mineral hot water with stunning natural scenery, featuring nearby desert canyons and towering cliffs. 

Veyo Pool resort
Photo by: kiwikisser
Veyo pool hot springs
Photo by: veyopool

With a temperate water temperature of 89°F, it’s an ideal summer retreat, especially when local temperatures soar above 100°F.

How to Get There

Veyo Pools is situated near Zion National Park, roughly a 30-minute drive from St. George, Utah. Take UT-18 N from St. George and continue until you reach Veyo. Clear signs will guide you to the hot springs resort.


  • Admission: $16 (free for children under 2)
  • Temperature: 89°F
  • Season: Open year-round
  • Facilities:
    • Camping options include a historic farmhouse, tent spots, rock climbing, and RV parking.
    • On-site amenities such as showers, restrooms, and parking.
    • Towel rentals and a gift shop are also available for convenience.

Nearby Attractions

  • Zion National Park: A must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking, bird-watching, and breathtaking views.
  • Snow Canyon State Park: Another fantastic natural setting, featuring lava flows and red rock vistas.
  • Pioneer Park: Suitable for a family day out, complete with picnic areas and climbing spots.

Veyo Pool Hot Springs offers an exceptional combination of natural beauty and resort amenities. With its moderate temperatures and family-friendly environment, it’s a location not to be missed on your Utah adventure.

11. Belmont Hot Springs


View on Google Maps | Visit Website 

Belmont Hot Springs, situated on the Utah-Idaho border, offers a unique hot spring experience ideal for RV travelers. The expansive hot spring lake, with temperatures ranging from 97-104°F, is not just for soaking but is also big enough for paddleboarding.

Moreover, this is one of the rare spots where you can scuba dive in warm water. Unlike other public hot springs, Belmont is exclusive to resort guests, ensuring a less crowded environment.

How to Get There

The Belmont Hot Springs RV Park is located in northern Utah near the Idaho border. From Salt Lake City, take I-15 N and exit 349 for 12th Street in Ogden. Follow 12th Street and head north on 4700 W Street, which leads directly to the resort.


  • Admission: $40/night, $250/week at the RV Park
  • Temperature: 97-104°F
  • Season: Operable year-round
  • Amenities:
    • Electrical hookups for RVs
    • Restrooms and showers
    • Laundry facilities and a clubhouse
    • Front desk for queries, including scuba diving opportunities
  • Exclusivity: Closed to the general public, ensuring less crowded pools

Nearby Attractions

  • Nordic Valley Ski Resort: A short drive away, perfect for winter sports enthusiasts. Don’t forget your ski gear!
  • Local Hiking Trails: Plenty of trails within the vicinity offer a different way to enjoy Utah’s natural beauty.

Belmont Hot Springs near Logan provides an exclusive, feature-rich experience for RV travelers, adventure seekers, and hot spring enthusiasts alike. Its year-round availability and range of activities make it a must-visit destination on any Southwest road trip.

12. Gandy Warm Springs


View on Google Maps | Visit Website

Gandy Warm Springs is a lesser-known gem located at the base of Gandy Mountain, ideal for those looking to escape the typically hot spring crowds. Unlike traditional hot springs, Gandy maintains a temperature of 81°F, making it perfect for hot summer days when a scorching spring would be overwhelming. Alongside its natural pools and waterfalls, the area features a unique swimmable cave, offering an adventure unlike any other.

Gandy Hot springs
Photo by: eldhaven

How to Get There

To reach Gandy Warm Springs, drive west from Delta, Utah, on US-6 W. Turn right onto UT-174 W and continue until you reach the Gandy Road intersection. Follow Gandy Road to the warm springs. The trip is about 1 hour from Great Basin National Park.


  • Admission: Free
  • Temperature: 81°F
  • Season: Open year-round
  • Activities & Amenities:
    • Multiple hot pools and waterfalls
    • Cave swimming opportunities
    • Numerous hiking trails
    • Free Parking

Nearby Attractions

  • Great Basin National Park: Just an hour’s drive away, offering hiking, stargazing, and cave tours.
  • Local Hiking Trails: Explore the trails around Gandy Mountain for a fuller outdoor experience.

Gandy Warm Springs serves as a year-round destination with its moderate temperature and variety of outdoor activities. If you’re planning a trip to Great Basin National Park or simply want a unique warm springs experience, Gandy is well worth the visit.

FAQs About Utah Hot Springs

Does Utah have any hot springs?

Yes, Utah is home to several hot springs, including Mystic Hot Springs, Baker Hot Springs, Fifth Water Hot Springs, and more. These springs are spread across the state and vary in temperature and amenities.

What to wear to hot springs in Utah?

Wearing a swimsuit is the most common choice for hot springs in Utah. Some hot springs are clothing-optional, but it’s advisable to check specific rules for each location. Quick-drying towels and water shoes are also recommended.

What state is famous for hot springs?

Arkansas is particularly famous for its hot springs, especially the town of Hot Springs, which is renowned for its thermal waters. The town is home to Hot Springs National Park.

How hot are bathing hot springs?

The temperature of bathing hot springs can vary widely but generally ranges from 97°F to 104°F (36°C to 40°C). Some springs may be cooler or hotter, so it’s important to test the water before immersing yourself fully.

What causes hot springs in Utah?

Hot springs in Utah are primarily caused by geothermal activity. Groundwater is heated by magma beneath the Earth’s crust, and the heated water rises to the surface, creating hot springs.

What happens if you don’t shower after hot springs?

Failing to shower after bathing in hot springs can leave mineral residues and bacteria on your skin, which may cause irritation or minor skin infections. It’s recommended to shower with soap to cleanse your skin after soaking.

How deep are hot springs in Utah?

The depth of hot springs in Utah can vary significantly, ranging from shallow pools just a few feet deep to much deeper springs. Always exercise caution and assess the depth before entering.

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